Global Ministries

CUBA Partnership.

Fostering Fellowship Across Waters.

BCOC is proud to embrace the Shalom Baptist Church of Boca de Mariel, Cuba, as our sister church. This cherished bond is built on a foundation of mutual support and shared faith.

Our Pledge of Partnership Involves

Uplifting Prayers

We stand in spiritual solidarity, praying for our Cuban brethren, their community, and their ministry.

Meaningful Dialogue

Through regular communication, we share stories, challenges, and joys, strengthening our connection.

Cultural Exchange Visits

We bridge miles with smiles, visiting each other and sharing the warmth of our communities face-to-face.

Support Beyond Borders

Our commitment extends to tangible assistance, aiding our sister church in their mission and growth.


nurturing the hope through education.

In the heart of Kampala, Uganda, a seed of change was planted. Terra Nova Academy, established in 2013 by BCOC's very own Alisha Damron-Surayange and her husband, Abdul, is flourishing. This beacon of learning is dedicated to providing an education that is not only academically excellent but also spiritually enriching and financially accessible to all.

Here's How You Can Be Part of Their Journey

Support Through Giving

Your monetary gifts sow seeds of knowledge and growth.

Donate Supplies

Books, pencils, and dreams are shaped with every supply you provide.

Embark on a Visit

When possible, join a trip to Terra Nova and witness the impact of your generosity firsthand.

we believe in extending our hands and hearts across continents

At BCOC, making a difference in the lives of children through the love of Christ. Your contribution, large or small, paves a path for tomorrow's leaders.