Embrace the Spirit of giving this summer

How can you help


Alabama Arise works to make Alabama better through research and advocacy for policies to improve the lives of low-income Alabamians.  BCOC participates in advocacy and provides financial support for this organization. Please contact Suzanne Martin if you are interested in serving.


Bread for the World is a collective Christian voice urging our nation’s decision makers to end hunger at home and abroad. Moved by God’s grace in Jesus Christ, we advocate for a world without hunger.  We provide an Offering of Letters annually and provide financial support to this organization. Please contact Kim Looney if you are interested in serving.


Greater Birmingham Ministries is a multi-faith, multi-racial organization that provides emergency services for people in need and engages the poor and the non-poor in systemic change efforts to build a strong, supportive, engaged community and pursue a more just society for all people. Please contact Carol Dean if you are interested in serving.


The mission of HUB is to improve health in under-resourced communities through distribution of medical supplies and equipment with onsite training and education. HUB seeks to bridge the gap between facilities with surplus supplies and clinics that desperately need these donations. HUB is based in Birmingham. Please contact Laura Gilmore if you are interested in serving.


Sowing Seeds of Hope exists to promote positive, sustainable, and collaborative community development that benefits the residents of Perry County, Alabama. SSH seeks to improve health-related outcomes, housing, and family resources, which include education, economic development, and concrete support. Please contact Eric Clark if you are interested in serving.

Be a Champion

Adopt a week to fill our 'Take What You Need' fence with essentials. Sign up to bring hope and help to those in need.

Flexible Dates

Hang your bag any day during your chosen week, ensuring you bring extra clothes pins.

Seasonal Necessities

Consider what our homeless friends might need throughout the year — from hand warmers in winter to sunscreen in summer.